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This EXODIAGNOS project addresses the development of novel approach for tumor diagnostics. A new selective, early-stage, non-invasive, express cancer diagnostic procedure utilizing exosomal vesicles and their content recognition by specially designed narrow bandwidth active/passive nano- and microphotonic sensors will be proposed for clinical trials. Our approach is based on three recently suggested novelties. (i) Recognition of exosomal biomarkers – surface and intravesicular proteins and mRNA and DNA nucleic acids – as tumor markers. (ii) Amplitude and phase detection methods using narrow band localized plasmonic resonances and resonances in microcavities, to make a breakthrough in the sensitivity and selectivity of the respective bio and environmental sensors. (iii) Ultra-sensitive detection promised by Active Plasmonic Platform (quantum emitters coupled with the plasmonic nanoresonators and/or microresonators).

The narrowband nanoresonators and microphotonic will be functionalized with the complimentary biomolecules which guarantees unambiguous selectivity for the target molecules detection. Special design of the nano and microresonators assures strong amplitude and especially phase response at the binding event. All together allows us to detect the appearance of the tumor cells at early stages, with reasonable detection time of about hours, and high selectivity and reliability. Application of our research in the form of routine clinical diagnostic procedure will give the opportunity to take treatment at the early stages of the disease. Combination of extensive expertise in nano and microphotonics, exosomen and tumor biology (German partners), new active glasses for nanophotonics and sensors and medical devices development (Poland), active nanophotonics (Greece), photonic application in medicine and accessibility to large bank of biomaterials (Russia) assures successful accomplishment of the ambitious goals of this project.

Partners Country
The University of WarsawPoland
Friedrich-Schiller University of JenaGermany
Particle Metrix GmbH
Institut für Umweltmedizin und Krankenhaushygiene
Federal State Budget Institution Oncology Scientific-research Institute, PetrovRussia
Oncosystem Ltd
Federal State Budget Institution N.Blokhin Memorial Russian Cancer Center
Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
Foundation for Research and Technology HellasGreece
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