Tailoring light for new innovative applications

Optical/Photonic Elements

Consult with us to design, fabricate and mass replicate your optical components and devices. We have the expertise to manufacture integrated optical solutions and elements for various applications. Our R2R manufacturing process allows the mass replication of DOE and micro optical components in meter-to-meter basis (R2R NIL) or batch types (Injection moulding) production.

Typical optical elements we provide are:

Diffractive optical element (DOE) split of a laser beam into an array of spots. The collimated beam incident on the diffractive element is separated into an array, either in 1D or in 2D. DOE are thin phase elements that operate by means of interference and diffraction to produce random distributions of light or to aid in the design of customized optical systems. Nanotypos designs, produces and reproduces tailored optical elements to meet customer´s requirements.

Lens Structures

  • Positive/Negative focal length Fresnel lenses
  • Cylindrical Fresnel lenses
  • Off-axis Fresnel lenses
  • Lenticular arrays
  • Rectangular arrays of Fresnel lenses
  • Micro-lens arrays (custom symmetries)

Gratings Structures

  • Binary
  • Multi-Level
  • Blazed
  • High resolution

Gratings Structures

  • Beam splitter
  • Beam shaper
  • Arbitary pattern generator


Diffuser film products are designed to break up and distribute light evenly.

Diffusers are used for a variety of purposes:

  • to hide a light source
  • to broaden the angular range over which a signal transmitted through the air is visible
  • to make the appearance of a viewing screen more uniform
  • to remove the image of its filament
  • to spread the light from a source into a defined angle.



The fields of applications which our technology and products could be used is continuously expanding. Inspired by nature micro/nano structured topographies are found in numerous biological specimens. Using sophisticated adaptations to existing manufacturing technologies we implement customized and well organized micro/nano structures on diverse materials and surfaces.

Saying that, our technology and product portfolio is not restricted to academic laboratories and alerted proof of concept measures. We have countless examples of demonstrated devices and patterned surfaces emerging vast interest in high growth industries including:





Laser Systems




Security Printing

Data Storage