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Design & Printing

Whatever your business needs, Nanotypos has the competences to carry your project from concept to completions. Our dynamic graphic designers team will work on designing, sampling and full printing of your business case.

Graphic designing is first and most crucial step for branding and marketing of any company. A good brand identity and campaign could help to alleviate your brands equity.

We provided state of the art printing solutions to help prevent tampering, forgery and counterfeiting on high value paper documents and labels for various entities. We manage and guide our customers to determine the most appropriate combination of covert and/or overt security techniques to authenticate a product or document and ensure that it cannot be fraudulently reproduced.


Optical designing

Nanotypos has extensive knowhow in optical designing and developing novel optical systems. Our strategic partnerships with world leading organisations in Europe, North America and Russia guarantees the highest quality and excellence to realize and commercialise optical components and systems.

Hologram artwork design

Nanotypos recognizes the importance of the artistic designing of the security hologram and how that appears on the customer product. Our graphic designers work in close collaboration with our clients to design the most suitable artwork containing the most advanced security elements to prevent and authenticate the product.

Security printing

Nanotypos provides a wide range of customised security printing features meeting all requirements and specifications for its clients. Nanotypos provides innovative design and printing solutions combined with the appropriate security features which provides both aesthetic features with advanced security elements. The security elements like a holographic label, strip, or foil combined with a unique barcode and/or QR code are added onto the product making it almost impossible for the counterfeiters to copy.

In particular, our security printing utilises advanced nanotechnology enabled inks to diminish counterfeiting. These security inks are cost-effective and could be applied on labels and containers for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging and they are formulated for almost all substrates. Typical characteristics of these inks are:

  1. UV and/or Fluorescent ink – This is a colourless, transparent, or white ink which can be detected under UV light exposure
  2. Thermochromic ink – This ink is visible only when heat is applied.
  3. Photochromic ink – This ink is visible only under sunlight.


Below we describe all holographic security effects which can be found on our standard products.

Based on such security effects we help our customers design and brand their hologram labels/foils and try to address the high demands of integrating security printing with graphic designing.

Feel free to contact us to send you a sample of our work in order to have a visual appreciation of our work quality.

Security Holograms
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