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Nanotypos is a pioneering research and technology company whose mission is to create, develop and commercialize products that are realized by means of Roll to Roll Nanoimprint Lithography Nano-manufacturing processes.

  • Created in 2012
  • 300k euro starting grant
  • Headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Design
  • Business development
  • Pilot manufacturing line in Thessaloniki
  • Thermal and/or UV NIL
  • Roll to Roll NIL
  • Cost optimized manufacturing process
  • Product development
  • Contracted R&D
  • Competitive R&D projects


Nanotypos is a private company founded in 2012 and located in Thessaloniki (Greece).

We develop imprint based processes based on core expertise in optical devices, photonic applications, biotechnology, energy harvesting and organic electronic applications. We effectively apply our innovative technologies in high tech applications targeting rapid prototyping towards high throughput nanomanufacturing.

We emphasize in using emerging and cost effective fabrication methods to develop its research. One of the key challenges is to combine inexpensive lithography techniques to realize the targeted devices/products. We are a passionate team of physicist, designers and engineers.
Nanotypos was created because we were frustrated in our own creative efforts at how expensive, cumbersome and out-of-reach high quality imprinted substrates has been.
Our team concentrates on developing, producing and marketing patterned surfaces by means of nanoimprint and roll to roll nanoimprint lithography.

We produce and distribute client-specific, patterned films including photonic devices, optical components, high security holograms, bio inspired surfaces, biosensor platforms, micro-fluidic devices and appliance for a large variety of technologies .

R2R processing


Roll-to-roll (R2R) processing is a broadly defined terminology encompassing a range of processes wherein a substrate is transferred between two moving rolls during which the processes are applied to the substrate. As such, the processes have both a time and spatial occurrence, thereby requiring specific customization to achieve the desired process
Roll to Roll nanoimprint lithography (R2RNIL), involves the patterning of thin flexible materials such as plastics or metal foils.

The flexible material, or web, is unwounded from a core, processed, and then returned to a second core at the end of the sequence. Roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography enables continuous patterning of nanostructures on flexible substrates with at least an order of magnitude higher processing speed than that of conventional NIL.

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