Democratizing Nanopatterning

Who is Nanotypos

We focus in transferring novel ideas and prototype devices from a laboratory scale to a medium-to-high volume production extend keeping the production cost at moderate levels.

Our extensive know-how in nano-manufacturing together with our state of the art facilities guarantees our high-quality services and products. Using advanced lithography techniques, we produce and commercialize security holograms, optical films, large area micro/nano structured surfaces and nano-enabled devices for a broad range of application.

We develop imprint based processes based on core expertise in optical devices, photonic applications, biotechnology, sensors, energy harvesting and security printing applications.

We effectively apply our innovative technologies in high tech applications targeting rapid prototyping towards high throughput nanomanufacturing.

Our vision is to be a national and international reference in emerging nano-patterning techniques for the production of nano-enabled products for the benefit of society.

  • Research & Development 50% 50%
  • Custom solutions and innovative services 25% 25%
  • Security products 15% 15%
  • Others 10% 10%
micro/nano structures

What we offer



Product authentication is the process by which a system verifies the originality of any product. We offer niche solutions for product authentication and brand protection giving the right to the end user to check the genuineness of the product.


We offer large scale micro/nano structured surfaces with tailored functionalities. From biomimetic functions, to passive holographic effects R2R processing is the ultimate manufacturing processes capable of producing high-throughput and low-cost surfaces.


Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) manipulate light to almost any desired profile or shape. We offer the design and fabrication of custom optical components/films required to manage the light leading to improved system performance.


Nano-manufacturing for everyone is our slogan. We offer services along the complete manufacturing value chain casing conceptual ideas and needs. From mould/tool fabrication up to feasibility studies we offer quick turnover of cost efficient and high quality services.





Security printing

High-end packaging solutions teamed up with the right security features do not only add to the products aesthetic value but additional enhance the layer of security. Our solutions make it hardly impossible replicate and counterfeit.

Flexible displays

Organic flexible electronic displays technologies have the unique necessity to incorporate integrated lighting modules in the format of front/back light guiding films for superior lighting.

Biotechnology sensor devices

Disposable, high sensitivity and low cost sensor devices based on micro/nano structured surfaces are projected to find unique applications for chemical/material analysis, disease diagnostics and food screening.

Diffractive Optical Elements

Shaping or directing light using thin film optics is of high demand in technology areas such as LED, lasers systems, security, signage, machine vision and sensor.

Biomimetic surface

Fluids, light or air interaction with a surface can be manipulated by introducing micro and/or nano structured reliefs on the surface interactive points. Tailored functional and dynamic properties can provide significant advances in terms of performance and energy harvesting.

Flexible solar energy panels

Light harvesting thin films solutions is a prerequisite for enhancing OPV efficiency. Exterior water repelling adhesive films or sun-light concentrating elements could effectively improve the overall efficiency of flexible devices.


Nanotypos, nanotechnology projects
Work with us to evolve your product to the next level. Outsource your research in order to develop innovative products that meet the rising demand for miniaturisation across a wide range of technological areas. Our company has cross-disciplinary expertise in the areas of micro/nano fabrication, nanolithography, photonic/optical application, security printing, authentication, biotechnology and life sciences. The methodology followed by our experienced stuff to meet our client’s goals encompasses a value chain approach from concept to commercialization.

It is most likely that we have performed something similar to what you  need. For further information contact our research and development department.

Customized projects for Unique Clients

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