Nanotypos on the Seven Days of Genius

Published: March 5, 2016
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Nanotypos on the Seven Days of Genius

Nanotypos want to bring to your attention a new and exciting collaboration of ECOWEEK with the 92Y in New York City in a project that is called ‘Seven Days of Genius’ (

The Genius event in New York is a weeklong festival scheduled to take place in March 5-12, 2016. During those seven days, 92Y and partners around the world will explore the idea of genius and how it manifests itself in innovation, science, technology and design.  One of the themes we are very interested in exploring is the idea of design and social good. How can genius designs and innovations address the challenges we face today and those we will face in the future? How these ideas can have a positive and lasting impact? How these ideas can be developed and implemented?

The event hosts on one hand established entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, and engineers with established activity that makes a difference. On the other, young professionals – designers, architects, engineers, innovators, who have a brilliant idea and wish to share it.

The aim is to involve presenting ideas, discussing and brainstorming on new ideas, and then voting for the best new and promising idea of the day. The ideas presented will be promoted through the ‘Genius’ website and social media. The best idea voted will receive a small money-prize and a consulting session with experts in New York.

We can also look into the possibility of organizing a volunteer team to work on the idea for a specific period of time, before being presented for further funding through innovation, EU or other channels – we can explore this idea further if it is of interest.

Program Website: !thessaloniki/c18rs

Contact email:        

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Researchers from #Nanotypos visited #Creative Nano facilities to discuss progress on common scientific interests as partners in the EU funded project #BIOMAC. Thank you #Crative Nano for the hospitality we are expecting you in our premises in Thessaloniki.

Nanotypos will be joining the Beyond 4.0 Industry event

Nanotypos will be joining the Beyond 4.0 Industry event

Nanotypos will be joining the Beyond 4.0 Industry event ( as an exhibitor. We will be showcasing our innovative technologies for high throughput manufacturing of nano enabled devices, components and films. We hope to meet you in person and...

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