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This image shows a patterned silicon waferImage of a Computer Generated Hologram deviceNano-structured Nickel shimNickel shim containing decorative nano resolution features
Functional Intelligent Surfaces
Security Holograms
E-beam lithography generated security hologram labels and foils
Security Printing
Integrated security printing solutions for product and document protection
Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Lithography
Low cost and high throughput nanomanufacturing
Research and Development
Contracted research and consultancy services
Diffractive Optical Elements
Computer Generated Holograms
Nanostructured Molds, Shims, SLeeve
Advanced Nanomanufacturing

Nanotypos focuses in transferring novel ideas and prototype devices from a laboratory scale to a medium-to-high volume production extend keeping the production cost at moderate levels. Our extensive know-how in nano-manufacturing together with our state of the art facilities guarantees our high quality services and products. Using advanced lithography techniques we produce and commercialize optical films, large area micro/nano structured surfaces and nano-enabled devices for a broad range of application.

"Coupling of hybrid approaches with heterogeneous materials resulting in novel properties and functional surfaces"